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Price Lists

To figure square footage for the different price information below, multiply the window or door width (in whole inches) by the window or door height (in whole inches) and divide by 144.

Example: A sliding glass door 74 inches by 80 inches high.
74" X 80" = 5920 sq inches
5920 sq. in divided by 144 = 41.11 sq. ft

The cost of a one sided shoji to cover the opening would be:
41.11 sq. ft X 26 sq. ft = $1,438.85 + tax (in Ca.) and shipping.

Shoji Screens
One sided grid work of cedar wood with acrylic paper on one side:
- $32.00 per square foot with tracks.

Two sided grid work of cedar with acrylic paper in the middle:
- $35.00 per square foot wih tracks.

Re-paper of Shoji Screens
Servicing the San Diego area. Including pick up and delivery, removing old paper, minor frame clean-up, re-paper with 'tear free' acrylic paper, delivery and installation.
- Pricing by quote.

Re-paper of Shoji Screens dropped off at our facility
- Pricing by quote.

Tokobashira (Decorative Posts)
Tokobashira are now stocked! We have in stock Kitayama Sugi Maruta, Shibori Maruta, and Hinoki Sabi. These are all aprroximately 5" in diameter and 9' 10" long. Also stocked is "square" bamboo approxmately 2 1/4" by 3 1/2" to 4" by 9' 10" long with a mottled finish.

Kitayama Sugi Muruta $ 1,230.00
Shibori Maruta $ 1,465.00
Hinoki Sabi $ 1,380.00
Square Bamboo $ 1,275.00

Other styles including Red Pine, Karaki Mulberry, and Rosewood are available by special quote.
Also by special quote... milled bamboo cross beams (Zumen), Tokonoma flooring burls including Tamo Ash, Olive Burl, Amboyna, Primavera, etc.
Custom made to sizes required. Also Mizuya, Engawa flooring and all architectural components.

Fusuma closet doors run approximately $36.00 per sq. ft. with many standard paper choices. Top and bottom tracks included.


Samples #1 thru #8 from Fusuma page $20.00 each
Samples #9 thru #10 from Fusuma page $180.00 each

Juraku wall covering and Ajiro ceiling panels
Juraku wall covering in many choices of material.
- $14.00 per yard approx.

Ajiro woven cedar ceiling panels in Yabane or Ichimatsu patterns.
- Prices range from $500.00 per 3 by 6 (approx) sheet sizes.

Ajiro diagonal pattern Kiri wood panels
3' wide panels by up to 10' lengths. Samples available at cost.
- $49.80 per linear ft. (each linear foot is 3 square feet)

Bamboo Board
Bamboo board used as wainscoating, flooring at genkan or engawa, ceiling panels or other applications. Available with mottled tortoise shell finish, seasame seed finish, smoked finish and natural yellow finish. Sizes of 3' by 6' OR 6' by 3'. Samples available at cost.
- $385.00 per sheet, 1 sheet minimum (limited stock)

Twig Board
Twig board to be used as wainscoating, ceiling panels or other applications. Size is 3' by 6' by 1/4" thick. Twigs run in the 3' direction.
- $210.00 per sheet, 1 sheet minimum (limited stock)

Japanese Rooms
Prices range from $120.00 per square foot for simple interiors. Prices are quoted and design work is done on a custom basis.

CTT Furniture has the resources and expertise to desgn and construct authentic Japanese rooms for tea ceremony,complete with woven wood ceiling panels, Keyaki Toko, Mizu;ya and electric Ro-Uchi.
- Pricing per job.

CTT Furniture custom manufactures the finest quality Tansu style cabinets available. Each piece is designed for the individual use and aesthetics of the client in an unlimited selection of the world's finest woods.
From traditional cedars and elms, to the exotic amazaques, bubingas and figured koa woods. Each piece is appointed with custom made iron or bronze hardware and is constructed with meticulous craftmanship.
- Prices begin at the $2,500 range. Each piece is designed and priced individually.

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Shipping Method
Orders will be shipped via FedEx ground unless otherwise noted. Standard method of choice is least expensive shipping process. Delivery time for ground is up to 5 business days.
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